Fat City Cafe

Tony and I both had Friday off this week, so we decided to go to breakfast after dropping Diesel off at day camp



We headed out to one of our favorite breakfast spots from our old neighborhood called Fat City Cafe. This is where we originally discovered our love for Aardvark Hot Sauce. It’s a tiny breakfast/lunch diner (probably has the smallest bathroom I’ve ever seen too!) covered in funny license plates and road trip memorabilia.


The food is always to die for! I indulged in peach waffles, bacon, & a half order of biscuits and gravy (which I was unable to finish).


Our waiter was a riot and sang along to the great tunes they had going (such as Bad to the Bone and other favorites of the like).


On the walk (more like waddle) back to the car I couldn’t help but admire the beautiful spring flowers. I snapped a couple shots before Tony threatened to leave without me.





A great kid-free morning all around!

About captureeverything

I love taking pictures- it's my happiness! I also love cupcakes, MTG, anime, and all things geek!

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